F Test Calculator

The F test calculator compares the equality of two variances.

Validates the data normality, test power, outliers and generates the R syntax.

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validation message


Target: To check if the difference between the population's standard deviations of two groups is significance, using sample data
H0: σ1 = σ2
H1: σ1 < > σ2
F statistic
F =S12
F distribution
F distribution left tailed F distribution two tailed F distribution right tailed


Normal DistributionNormal distribution - the F test for variances is very sensitive to the normality assumption.

Required Sample Data

standard deviationS1, S2 -Sample standard deviations of group1 and group2.
sample sizen1, n2 - Sample size of group1 and group2.

The tool calculates the p-value, the F statistic and the test power.

R syntax

The following R code should produce the same results: