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What is an average?

An average is a value that represents the middle of a set of numbers.
There are other ways to show this concept as well, such as a median and a mode.

How to calculate the average?

1. Add up all the numbers.
2. Count how many numbers there are.
3. Divide the addition by the count.

Average formula

x̄ =Σ𝑥i
n - sample size, the total number of values.
Σxi - the addition of all the values.

What is the difference between average and mean

Usually, the average refers to the arithmetic mean.
Usually, the mean refers to to the arithmetic mean.
There are other types of means as Geometric mean and Harmonic mean.
In statistics, we use the word mean when referring to distributions.
Why usually? Because there are different definitions in different fields of science.

Should I use average or median?

Both average and median measure the central tendency of the data Usually, we use the average statistic.
We prefer the median in one of the following cases:
1. The data contains outliers.
2. The data is very skewed, and the sample size is not large
In these cases, one outlier or one rare extreme value might change the average dramatically.
The median is not affected by extreme values.