Box Plot Maker

Generate the Box plot chart, a graphical display of the data distribution.
For a more flexible boxplot generator please go to: advanced boxplot maker
The data should be separated by Enter or , (comma), you may copy the entire column from excel
The tool ignores empty cells or non-numeric cells.

Boxplot maker

The box plot maker creates a box plot chart for several samples with customization options like vertical/horizontal, size, colors, min, max, and include/remove outliers.
The box plot creator also generates the R code, and the boxplot statistics table (sample size, minimum, maximum, Q1, median, Q3, Mean, Skewness, Kurtosis, Outliers list).

What is a box plot?

A box plot, also called box and whisker plot, is a graphic representation of numerical data that shows a schematic level of the data distribution.
The box plot shows only the following statistics on a one dimension chart: Minimum, Q1, Median, Q3, Maximum.
Since the boxplot displays less it is very clear, hence When the distribution is symmetric, the box, and the median will be on the center of the

How to create a Box plot?

  1. Usually, you should exclude the outliers before computing the box plot parameters. (How to exclude outliers)
    The box plot graph maker default is to exclude the outliers, but you may press the 'Exclude outliers' to include the outliers.
  2. Find the minimum and the maximum values.
  3. Calculate the first quartile (Q1), median, and third quartile (Q3). How to calculate Q1, median, Q3 ?
  4. Draw a line between the minimum and the maximum, and mark the minimum and the maximum.
  5. Draw a box between Q1 and Q3.
  6. Mark the median in the box.

Boxplot vs histogram?

both charts describe the distribution and each has its advantages.
The box plot shows less data than the histogram, hence it very clear while the histogram contains all the data, but doesn't explicitly shows the quartile and median.
When you show several boxplot groups in the same chart, it is much easier to compare the distributions.
Comparing to "google maps", you may say that the boxplot is the map mode while the histogram is the satellite mode.