Combinations Generator

Combinations and permutations generator with ability to download the results. To generate permutations (nPr), turn on the 'Order is important' switch. You may go to combinations calculator

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Combinations Generator

To generate combinations, switch off the "Order is important" button.

Permutations Generator

To generate permutations, switch on the "Order is important" button.

How to use the combinations and permutations generator?

  1. Choose the 'number of items (n).'
  2. Choose the 'Items to select (r).'
  3. Choose if order is important.
  4. Choose whether the value can repeat more than once.
  5. 'Count' field will present the number of combinations or permutations.
  6. Download CSV file - press download csv icon to download all the combinations or permutations in CSV format. When you use this option the generator will not present the combinations or permutations, hence you can get If you open the file in excel, it will present only the first 1,048,576 rows. To present all the data you may open the file with text editor.
  7. Download file - press download csv icon to download all the combinations or permutations as it appears online.

More options

Related to the online presentation of the combinations or permutations

  1. Before - will present this text before any arrangements
  2. Delimiter - will present this text between the elements of the arrangements
  3. After - will present this text after any arrangements
  4. End of line: if clicked, it will present each arrangement in a new line
  5. Change items: If clicked, you can change the item list from sequence numbers to your choice.
    For example, instead of [1, 2, 3], you can use [a, b, c] or [Red, Blue, Green].