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Statistical tests, charts, probabilities and clear results. Automatically checks assumptions, interprets results and outputs graphs, histograms and other charts.
The statistics online calculators support not only the test statistic and the p-value but more results like effect size, test power, and the normality level.
If one of the validations fails, the tool recommends a solution.
What statistical test should you use? the following link will help you choose: choose a statistical test - decision questionnaire (Tutorial).

Test statistic calculators

Find the test statistic calculator

TestAssumptionsRequired sample data
#Test nameCheckStatisticNormal DistributionIndσσ12dμ/px̄/p̂;nSdata
1One Sample Z-TestMeanZ statistic
2One Sample T-TestMeanT statistic
3Two Sample Z-TestMeanZ statistic
4Two Sample T-Test (Pooled variance)MeanT statistic
5Two Sample T-Test (Welch's)MeanT statistic
6Two Sample Mann-Whitney U TestRankU statistic
7Paired T-TestMeanT statisticPaired
8Paired Wilcoxon Sign Rank TestRankT statisticPaired
9One Way ANOVA TestMeanF statistic
10Repeated Measures ANOVA TestMeanF statisticDependent
11Kruskal-Wallis TestMeanF statistic
12Two Way ANOVA Test
Fixed model, Mixed model, Random mode, Mixed model with repeats
MeanF statistic
13One Way MANOVA Test
14One Sample Proportion TestProportionZ statisticBinomial
15Two Sample Proportion TestProportionZ statisticBinomial
16Chi-Squared Test For Varianceσchi-squared statistic
17F Test For VariancesσF statistic
18Levene's Test For VariancesσF statistic
19Chi-Squared Test For Goodness Of Fit
(McNemar test, Chi-squared test for association, Fisher test, Binomial test)
Fitchi squared statistic
20Shapiro-Wilk TestFitw statistic
21Kolmogorov Smirnov TestFitD = Max1≤i≤n(Di+,Di-)
22Kaplan Meier Survival AnalysisSurvivalw statistic
** - yes, - no, empty - irrelevant

Regression calculator

1Simple Linear RegressionRegression F statistic
2Multiple Linear RegressionRegression F statistic
3*Bulk Linear RegressionRegression F statistic
4Binary Logistic Regressionχ2 = 2(LL1-LL0)
5Multinomial Logistic Regressionχ2 = 2(LL1-LL0)
*Bulk linear regression calculator for several dependent variables with the same predictors.

Confidence interval, Sample size, Effect Size

1Sample size calculatorssample size chart
2Test power calculatorsstatistics power chart
3Effect size calculators
4Confidence intervals calculatorsstatistics power chart

Distribution calculators

2DistributionsDistribution Calculator
3Normal DistributionNormal Distribution
4Binomial DistributionBinomial Distribution
5T Distribution (Student's)T Distribution
6Chi-Squared DistributionChi squared Distribution
7F Distribution (Fisher-Snedecor)F Distribution
8Poisson DistributionDistribution
9Weibull Distribution
10Exponential Distribution

Statistical tables

1Z table
2T table

Statistics calculators

Each statistics calculator contains step by step calculation.

#Statistic calculatorImage
1Mean Median Mode (Q1, Q3, IRQ, Range)mean
2Standard Deviation (Variance, Mean, SEM, MAD)Standard deviation
3Average (Sum, Count)
4Sample Mean (Sum, Count)
5Geometric Mean (Product, n-th root)GM
6Harmonic MeanH
7Probability (Probability formula, Dependent events, Bayes' Theorem, Independent events)P
8Combinations calculator (Combinations calculator, Permutation calculator, Repetitions)
9Correlation calculator (Pearson correlation, Spearman's rank correlation)
10Outliers (Tukey's Fences (Boxplot), Z-Score)
11Markov chain calculator (nth step probability vector, steady-state vector)
12Odds calculator (odds to probability, probability to odds)
13Betting odds calculator (fractional odds, decimal odds, American odds)
14Mean absolute deviation calculator (MAD calculator)
15Median absolute deviation calculator (MAD calculator)


1Principle component analysis
2Cluster analysis
3Histogram makerhistogram
4Box plot makerboxplot
5Bar graph makerbar graph
6Pie chart makerpie chart
7Line chart makerline chart
8Scatter chart makeracatter chart
9Area chart makerarea chart
10Venn diagram makerarea chart


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